Save The Orcs
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"Newcomer M.G. Norris presents a struggle of multiple worlds, races, nations, and beings both temporal and extraplanar, playing out across a scale at once both terrestrial and cosmic. One that presents the question of morality and mortality as one and the same, and above all else, as a question of innocence." 

~Joseph Brassey, Longsword fighter, Mongoliad contributor, author of Skyfarer, Katabasis, and the upcoming Glassblade series.

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Or take the word of one Orc who knows the Halfbreed Warchief first-hand: "Dis iz not just a buk about Orcs. Dis a buk about Destiney too. An' angels, an' spy elfs, an' a magic stick, an' spaceships, an' sum cryin'. Also politickz, an' godz an' stuff... But mostlee itz a buk about Thon an' da mountain, an' lurnin' ta be better at not hittin' bafore we talk. Dere's sum bits wid me in 'em, too. Doze are da best parts."

~Tiny, holder of Blackmount's furniture-breaking record, and unofficial competitive eating champion


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June 2017 Authors on the Air interview with Terri Lynn Coop



NOUN a type of problem best solved by the lethal application of valor, in the areas immediately occurring near the skull

Repeat until your problems have been solved.

ORIGIN late 18th cent.: Simmaronian knights credo, from Old Elvish, ‘Brute.’