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Books, You Say?

books.  not just books about Orcs though.

genre, take a seat.

we're talking about books that take a solid stab at doing something broader than your grandpa's sword & sorcery.  literate fantasy, taking science fiction's mandate to explore bigger ideas and rubbing bradbury and clarke against the magic of neil gaiman, the world-building of greg bear, the honesty of joseph brassey, and the comedy of terry pratchett, douglas adams and anybody else whose heroes spend their days wishing that they'd thought to stay in bed.

so yeah, books.

in the best sense i know how to.  i grew up reading the greats.  these authors gave me tools to navigate my life.  i learned things from ender wiggin that i couldn't have become myself without.

i ran out of things to read

that's when i started typing.



Books -

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What in the ever-loving hell is an Orc?

If you spent the past several decades under a rock, you probably know an Orc or two already.  Otherwise, you might need a refresher.  What you've heard is most likely elven propaganda anyway.

Here's a riddle:  

"What's shaped like a man, but strong as an ox, with tusks like a boar, and naturally hued like an olive?"  

I lied.  That wasn't a riddle.

that was just a list of facts about fantasy's most misunderstood species.

If you ask an Orc, she'll tell you that an Orc is the green standard for a sentient biped.  She won't use those words of course, because you're not worth talking to if you aren't green.  Non-Greenskin species are for conquering.  The Song of the Allseer is very clear on that point.

"There are a lot of species you can't ask about Orcs at all, because somebody wiped them out.  Somebody big and green and tactless, acting on religious zeal in service to a god who says all races are in competition.  There are a lot of somebodies like that." ~Brother Albion, professionally cranky on the subject

If you ask a god, it'll tell you that an Orc is an experiment, and that the gods are not allowed to comment on experiments in progress.  And they will not intervene.

"There are a lot of people who suspect there's nothing more to Orcs than towers of ethnocentric green musculature, and that it's all they'll ever be - the winners of an evolutionary game that's entering its final turn.  History's over, and barbarity has won.  Art, Science, and Faith all bend a knee to an elaborate fart joke." ~Ludovico, founding Headmaster of the Academy at New Windmere

If you ask me, there's something more that we're not seeing.  The stories are wrong.

When Can I Have More Orcs?

Click the image for details on upcoming releases!

Click the image for details on upcoming releases!


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